Ueli Maurer

President of the Swiss Confederation and Minister of Finance

Kaspar Bänziger


Financial Entrepreneur active in technology focused in finance, energy and healthcare. Co-founder, Board Maxi Shipping and Trading. Advisor to Boards of Financial Institutions and Banks. Academic background: Dr. Med. University Basel; Master Int Energy, Oil and Gas; Graduate Institute Geneva, EM in Commodity Trade and Finance, University Geneva; Master in Int Policy Making, Graduate Institute Geneva

Aleksander Berentsen

Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel

Aleksander Berentsen is Professor of Economic Theory and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel. His research interests include monetary economics and blockchain technologies and is a co-author of the book Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets. He held visiting positions at the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Zurich and the Free University of Berlin. He is currently research fellow at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and used to be an external consultant for the Swiss National Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. He has published academic articles in the American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Monetary Economics.

Francois Bernath

Head Acquisition, Sales & Marketing/ Member of the Executive Board
Alfred Müller

François is an experienced real estate specialist. He is member of the management board at Alfred Müller AG, a large Swiss real estate company based in Zug. Before his activity as head acquisitions, sales and marketing at Alfred Müller he worked for several real estate companies in different positions covering general contracting, commercial and real estate fund related activities and in real estate consulting at PwC. He has a master degree in architecture from EPFL and lives in Zurich.
Juror CV Competition

Louis Raymond Bisang

Senior Advisor to the Board, Head of Business Development Switzerland, Audit & Risk Committee,
Turicum Private Bank

At Turicum Private Bank, Louis is a Senior Advisor to the Board, Head of Business Development Switzerland and member of the Audit & Risk Committee. Turicum is a privately held, fully-fledged, boutique private bank, headquartered in Gibraltar. Following an individual approach combined with very strong capital ratios, Turicum offers maximum stability and flexibility to its clients. Furthermore, the bank is engaged in the field of blockchain and crypto and aims to be at the forefront of technological developments and constantly extend its offerings. Louis also acts as a co-chair of SVBS Switzerland (Silicon Valley Blockchain Society). SVBS is a global network in the blockchain space, mainly consisting of investors with the aim of 'funding the revolution'. Louis is a trained lawyer from University of Zurich (MLaw) and holds an EMBA in Finance from Hult Business School and Ashridge Executive Education. In his professional life, he used to work for a hedge fund in New York, co-founded and successfully exited various startup ventures like a multi-strategy investment fund in Switzerland as example.

Lucas Betschart

Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Lucas is president of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, one of the worlds largest Bitcoin communities. He is involved in Bitcoin since early 2013. Furthermore he is director of the Feathercoin Development Foundation, which is taking care of open source software development for the cryptocurrency.

Lidia Bolla

Head Distribution,

Lidia has extensive experience in blockchain-based investment areas. She was involved in establishing vision&, Switzerland’s first asset manager for blockchain investments. She was also the managing partner of a consulting boutique for quantitative financial affairs and has worked for major financial institutions in Zurich, London and Hong Kong. Lidia graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a PhD in asset management.

Mauro Casellini

Head of Blockchain and PSP,
Bank Frick

Mauro Casellini is responsible for the blockchain business lines at Bank Frick in Balzers, Liechtenstein. He is leading a team of 15 employees who are responsible for advising corporate clients and payment service providers as well as providing consulting on Token Offerings and all requests related to blockchain and crypto. Mauro is mainly focused on the question of how to increase the efficiency of business processes using new technologies. Mr Casellini began his career in the financial industry in 2006. In the meantime he has been Head of Business Development as well as a Management Assistant. Over the last years he worked on the development of a variety of new business cases and business models. The cryptocurrency expert, Mr Casellini has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategy Management.

Maria Rosaria Ceccarelli

Dir. Economic Cooperation & Trade Division, Chief of Trade Faciolitation Section,

Maria Rosaria Ceccarelli has more than 21 years of experience in Trade & Transport Facilitation and electronic Business within UNECE where she is Chief of the Trade Facilitation Section and OiC Director of the Economic Cooperation and Trade Division. She is responsible among other of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and electronic Business (UN/CEFACT). She manages a group of some 800 experts working on Trade Facilitation and eBusiness projects to produce Trade Facilitation Recommendations and eBusiness standards, that can foster growth in international trade and related services and that is actively working on Blockchain, Internet-of-Things applications. In her former position in the UNECE’s Transport Division, where she has been working for 12 years, she has organized and delivered training to promote the development of border-crossing and transport facilitation and provided advisory services on customs questions affecting transport.

Thiago Cesar

Transfero Swiss

Thiago Cesar is the co-founder and CEO of Transfero Swiss, the mother company of Bit.One in Brazil. Holding an MSc from the University of London, Thiago produced one of the first academic thesis about Bitcoin, while also being a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) within the field of digital currencies. Transfero is the largest OTC trading desk in Brazil and the first crypto wealth management firm in Latin America.

Roger Darin

Head Blockchain Advisory inacta
Board Member Bitcoin Association Switzerland
SICTIC Advisor

With his first IT startup founded at age 17, Roger Darin has always been enthusiastic about technology and entrepreneurship . While he then pursued a more traditional career in Investment Banking, working in several major financial centres such as Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and others, he continued to nurture his interests in technology. His first professional foray into Bitcoin was in 2014 when his company started to offer seminars, demonstrating the vast implications that came with Blockchain technology. After working as a Product Manager for a wealth management platform for a little under two years, he joined inacta in Zug to support their efforts to build a comprehensive ecosystem and move clients into the blockchain age.

Stephane de Baets

Elevated Returns

Stephane has approximately 20 years of experience in asset management, financial structuring, and M&A. He has advised companies in both Asia and the US and has significant experience and professional networks in both real estate and hospitality. He speaks French, English, Dutch and Thai. Education Masters – Universität Libre de Bruxelles, Solvay Business School Management Sciences, Finance, and Marketing.

Alfredo Diaz-Araque

Founder & Blogger,
Spanish Proptech

Real estate and proptech expert. Launched his blog Spanish Proptech in 2017 from which he tries to impulse the adoption of technology in the Spanish market. He collaborates with several startups and proptech events in Spain and abroad. Lecturer at IE Business School and speaker in events like Proptech Now in Poland or SIMA in Spain. Promoter of the first Digital Transformation and Innovation Real Estate market barometer in Spain. Recently he has been appointed as FIBREE collaborator in Spain. He just joins to BNP Real Estate as an Online Channels Manager.

Christian Di Giorgio

Head DLT,

Christian Di Giorgio has a special talent: he translates business requirements into digital solutions. With degrees in computer science and business administration, he knows both worlds and over the last two decades, he has developed systems to meet complex IT challenges. He has worked for IBM and Swisscom before joining Inacta as a blockchain consultant for large corporations and start-ups in Crypto Valley. Customers value Christian's IT expertise and experience, especially in the challenges of integrating blockchain applications into existing IT landscapes. He is co-author of the book "Live from Crypto Valley".

Daniel Diemers

PwC Strategy&

Dr. Daniel Diemers is Partner at PwC Strategy& and Head Blockchain EMEA. He is a strategist with Digital Edge, helping start-ups, corporates and regulators define and implement digital strategies. He has a strong interest in Transformation of Society & Economy through Technology and focuses on Fintech, WealthTech, Blockchain, Crypto, AI and VR/AR. He has been nominated as one of the Top Digital Shapers in Switzerland and sits on the Expert Council of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, being closely networked in the Swiss and International Blockchain and Fintech ecosystem, and a member of Fintechrockers & the Disruption Disciples.

Nena Dokuzov

Head Project Group New Economy and Blockchain Technology,
Ministry of economic development and technology Slovenia

M.Sc. Nena Dokuzov is a Head of Group for New Economy and Blockchain Technology at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology -Slovenia. She coordinates the preparation and implementation of the Government Action plan for Blockchain Technology which was adopted by The Government of the Republic of Slovenia in May 2018. It foresees the identification of relevant areas, preparation for the implementation of regulatory framework for blockchain technologies in Slovenia and Europe. She is a member of EU Blockchain Partnership, which is organized under DG Connect (European Commission).

Carlos H. Fernandez Mazzi


From complex commodities businesses, to large-scale sustainable investments and charity operations, Carlos has built considerable international business acumen over the past 30 years. With FinKa GmbH, a Zug-based advisory firm which he founded, he leverages this experience with a passion for the promise of blockchain technology to lower the barriers of entry to global financial markets. A firm believer in blockchain as the catalyst for the evolution of finance towards new asset classes, Carlos is working to converge his impact investment background with the synergies of the Crypto Valley ecosystem in Switzerland to build sustainable projects at the crossroads of traditional and crypto finance. He is actively investing in productive assets that will issue creative financial instruments representing security tokens for the retail investor.

Rolf Günter


Rolf Guenter has a long lasting, proven track record as an advisory lawyer, general manager and board member of SME’s. Additionally he served as director in the insurance industry. Besides his activities in operational management, he has extensive experience from diverse, successfully managed projects.
In addition to his legal and business education and professional experience, he has in depth knowledge in service and information management, enterprise risk management and legal aspects with regard to the digital Transformation, Blockchain, smart contracts and legal tech. Rolf Günter is an Attorney and Master of Business Administration with a degree of the Universities of Rochester (New York) and Bern. Furthermore he has a certificate of the University of St. Gallen in Service Management, Liability and Insurance Law as well as the diploma in “Enterprise Risk Management” of the Insurance Institute of Switzerland.
CV Competition Juror

Anton Golub

CEO & Founder,
flov technologies

Anton Golub is the founder and CEO of flov technologies, a financial technology company with a focus on liquidity provision in space of digital assets. Anton is also a co-founder of Trust Square AG, a pre-eminent blockchain technology hub located in Zurich's financial district. Anton co-founded Lykke Corp, a Swiss based company that is building a global marketplace on top of the blockchain for the free exchange of digital assets. Prior to Lykke, he worked as a quantitative researcher at Olsen Ltd, an asset management firm that pioneered the field of computerized trading. As a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Manchester Business School, Anton worked on high-frequency trading, market micro-structure and flash crashes. In 2012 he was invited to participate in the Foresight Project - The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, an international project on algorithmic trading funded by HM Treasury in the UK. Anton has also been involved in several research projects backed by the European Union (EU) and he is currently in the Supervisory Board for the BigDataFinance project funded through Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. He has co-authored 10 academic papers and two books.

Daniel Hänggi

CEO & Founder,

Daniel Hänggi is the founder and CEO of smartmo. He is a true generalist, with over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in marketing, organization and processes. He holds engineering degrees in informatics and business-engineering-management and a federal diploma in marketing. He's well able to identify needs and market opportunities, turn them into ideas & visions and is not affraid to use new technologies like BLOCKCHAIN to accomplish his mission.

Markus Hartmann


Markus is co-founder and CEO of Alethena, a Swiss blockchain fintech. Alethena started as a due diligence provider for investors in the blockchain space and is nowadays resolving the major issues in financing by developing solutions in the area of tokenized assets and their tradability and liquidity. Markus graduated in Economics and Banking & Finance from University of Zurich and has vast experience from his former engagements in the areas of banking, insurance and consulting.

Josh Harvey

Co-founder & CTO,
Lamassu Industries

Josh got involved with Bitcoin in 2012 while starting one of the longest running Bitcoin meetups in the world, in Manchester, New Hampshire in the US. He started Lamassu, the first Bitcoin ATM manufacturing company, along with his brother Zach in 2013. A few months ago, Josh and Zach moved both themselves and Lamassu to Luzern where they started a new Bitcoin meetup called Luzern Cypherpunks.

Zach Harvey

Co-founder & CEO,
Lamassu Industries

Zach began working with Bitcoin in 2011. At the time he and his brother Josh had decided to start accepting Bitcoin payments at their Tel Aviv based guitar shop. In 2013, obsessed with the problem of making Bitcoin more accessible, the Harvey brothers created the prototype for one of the world’s first Bitcoin ATMs which they initially designed to bring to Bitcoin Meetups in Manchester, New Hampshire. The machines were almost an immediate success. Zach and Josh decided to focus on building them and established a production facility in Northern Portugal. With this much operational experience, they became specialists in making cryptocurrency accessible to the billions of people around the world who use cash. In late 2018, the brothers moved their operations to Luzern, Switzerland.

Daniel Haudenschild

Pres. of the board of directors,
Crypto Valley Association

Daniel is a founder and business builder who aspires to bring applied blockchain adoption to fruition. He collaborates with an amazing team and am advisor to a few handpicked blockchain based projects. He assists organizations to envisage and translate business challenges into practical deployment of applications by providing motivation, guidance, and strategy to senior stakeholders and teams to realize digital strategies. He started my professional career at Ernst & Young with over 20 years of proven technology enabled transformation delivery, he now assists organizations to envisage and translate business challenges into practical deployment of applications. His experience has given him excellent understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls offered by deploying new technology applications, allowing him to help companies navigate FinTech investments successfully.

Larry He

Managing Director,

Larry is the managing director of operations of KuCoin - the people’s exchange. He is in charge of user’s operation, listing and business development. Previously, He worked for IBM as data mining expert, and then for Uber and Didi as senior operation manager where he was responsible for analytics, strategy and expansion.

Mattias Hjelmstedt

CEO & Chairman,
Utopia Music

Mattias Hjelmstedt is CEO and Founder of Utopia Music. A serial entrepreneur, Mattias has successfully founded and sold a number of technology companies since the early 1990s. An unparalleled innovator, Mattias’s passion for combining media and tech has pushed him to help transform and build several industries including e-sports and digital TV. Within e-sports, Mattias was one of the pioneers, designing the first social platforms for games and assisting in the creation of the software still used today to power some of the world’s largest games, including Battlefield. Unhappy with the state of the Video-on-Demand (VOD) services, Mattias was an early architect of VOD for premium film and p2p distribution. With this knowledge, Mattias was then able to successfully navigate TV’s challenging copyright landscape and help turn online TV into a global reality. Mattias´s media career shows, above all, that he understands not only how to disrupt, innovate, and drive efficiency within established industries, but also how to create a user experience which propels growth and provides value for consumers.

Peter Hofmann


Peter Hofmann is CEO of Custodigit, a joint venture between Swisscom and Sygnum offering an investor-grade custody solution targeting regulated financial institutions. Peter has worked in different senior position in the financial service industry for companies like Cap Gemini, KPMG, IBM, PostFinance and several startups before. He has a long-lasting experience in the interception between financial services, technology and innovation in different roles.

Mathias Imbach

Founding Partner & CEO Singapore,

Mathias is a Founding Partner and CEO of Sygnum Singapore. Prior to that, he was General Manager at RNT Associates, Mr. Ratan N. Tata's personal investment platform, which he joined as first employee. He led multiple venture capital and private equity investments and participated in Blockchain/ DLT related equity deals globally. Mathias started his career at Bain & Company where he led advisory projects for Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and Technology companies. He holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen and a Master of Science from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Pavel Jakovlev

Incubation & Ecosystem Lead,

At CV VC, Pavel leads the CV Competition and CV Labs Incubation Program, located in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Switzerland. He is passionate about emerging technology solutions and their practical application in the commercial environment to deliver efficiency, productivity, and sustainable growth. He has an aptitude for fostering and maintaining business relationships with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. Prior to joining CV VC, the next generation Venture Capital company, Pavel worked both as a consultant and as an internal expert in the following industries: oil and gas, renewables, financial services, eCommerce and government affairs.

Nathan Kaiser

Cardano Foundation

Nathan Kaiser has over two decades of professional experience as a lawyer. A Swiss and Taiwan double-national, he is admitted as an attorney-at-law in Zürich, and registered as a foreign lawyer to the Berlin and Taipei bar associations, as well as with the Hong Kong law society. Nathan regularly speaks at and hosts events pertaining to law & tech, and notably legal issues related to the digital economy, digital assets and crypto. Early-stage investments in Asia’s high-tech industry, ranging from aerospace to fintech. He is also a mentor, advisor and angel investor to various startups worldwide, always with a cutting-edge technology focus. As a founding partner of the Greater China law firm Eiger, Nathan spent almost two decades between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei, with regular visits to Europe, advising clients in investment, corporate law, commercial trade, and commercial disputes. A pioneer in Asia with regards to the legal, business and technical aspects of a legal services provider, Nathan’s law firm was the first in the region to accept Bitcoin as payment. This complements his strong interest in technology, ranging from the semiconductor industry to the digital economy, in the heart of Asia. Nathan is currently a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Originally from Solothurn, Switzerland, Nathan studied in Lausanne, Strasbourg and St. Gallen. Prior to going to Asia, he worked in Zurich, Lausanne and Paris.

Karl Kobelt

Mayor, City of Zug

Historian PhD Former positions in journalism and consultancy in public affairs Head of Financial Department of the City of Zug 2013-2018 Mayor since 2019

Daniel Kuehne

Head of Product & Portfolio Management,

Daniel is responsible for investment solutions and products at SEBA, a pioneer in the financial industry with the vision to build a bridge between the traditional and crypto worlds. Previously, he had various leading roles in the investment management of renowned private banks, both in Zuerich and London.
Connecting the dots between digital transformation, blockchain technology and investment, he is passionate about realizing structural change in the asset and wealth management industry.
Daniel studied at University of St. Gallen and New York University and holds a Phd in quantitative finance.

Patrick Loepfe

Founder & Chairman,
Gentwo & Gentwo Digital

Patrick Loepfe is a structured product and banking specialist, with more than 15 years of working experience in investment banking. His extraordinary mathematical and technological skills led him to be a key figure in Switzerland's fin-tech industry. Patrick was the mastermind and driving force behind Vontobel’s Deritrade - a disruptive business model for distributing structured products. He founded his own company, d-struct AG, in 2016 and became a leading independent advisor to banks and financial product issuers on electronic structured products distribution strategy and process optimisation.

Jose Maria Macedo

Partner & Head of Advisory.

José Maria Macedo is a Partner & Head of Advisory at AmaZix, one of the largest community management and advisory companies, having partnered with over 120 ICOs that have raised $1.3B. José's analyst team have broken down over 300 crypto projects and played a pivotal role in critiquing and preparing the token economic models and whitepapers for AmaZix partners, including some of the most successful ICOs in the space such as HDAC, Bankex, GBX, WePower, and GoChain. Before crypto, José studied politics, philosophy and economics and created several profitable businesses while studying for his degree including a successful exit to one of the largest wholesalers in the UK. Jose's businesses have been featured on National TV and Huffington Post, as well as earning him prestigious awards such as the the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award (presented by Prince Andrew), Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Award, Enterprise Champion award and Student Entrepreneur of the Year. José's writings on token economics and blockchain technology have been featured on publications like EuroNews, Bitcoin.com and CoinWire.

Mervyn G. Maistry

Founder & CEO, Konfidio

With an extensive background in digital strategy and innovation, Dr Mervyn G. Maistry provides a clear vision for the Konfidio Blockchain Venture Studio, and its role in building and accelerating decentralized enterprise solutions. After graduating medical school and working in paediatrics in South Africa, Mervyn has held numerous key positions at prestigious organisations, including COO at Deutsche Bank and Global Managing Partner at Accenture. He was also the Managing Partner: Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead at EY. As well as chairing Kintaro Capital, Mervyn currently advises a variety of projects in the blockchain and business world including Slock.it, D33p.org and Cyberian Mine.

Ruslan Mahhov

Head of Advisory,

At CV VC, Ruslan leads Advisory business, located in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Switzerland. The CV VC Advisory team supports clients in solving business problems with blockchain technology and raising capital using innovative solutions. The team is comprised of business leaders and professionals with a diverse global background. Ruslan brings in his startup, banking and private equity experience, being involved in starting up a fully licensed bank, several Fintech, SaaS, AI and Proptech companies, and listing businesses on exchanges in the role of a co-founder, C-level executive, advisor or investor.

Scott Mason

Former COO IT, Novartis

Dr. Scott Mason is the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) for IT at Novartis where he led development and execution of the IT strategy and digital transformation of the function globally. In this role he pioneered blockchain-based smart contracts to eliminate friction in outsourced services. He also implemented the blueprint for the company’s “service economy” enabling breakthrough employee and customer experience. Prior, Scott held the post of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Novartis where he was responsible for global technology functions including global infrastructure and platform services. Before joining Novartis in 2005 he consulted in the technology, financial services and the utility sectors at Accenture. Scott holds a PhD. from ETH in Zurich on artificial intelligence in industrial metrology and an MSc. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Born in Australia, he has lived and worked across four continents. He is based in Basel, Switzerland.

Samyr Mezzour

Head Innovation Garage,

Samyr is Head of the Innovation Garage at Generali Switzerland. Samyr is responsible to develop Generali's capabilities in Human-Centred Design, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain/DLT, and Cybersecurity in co-creation with the 12 start-ups in The Garage. Samyr has over 11 years of experience from various industries such as strategy consulting, insurance, renewable energies, consumer goods, mostly working on digital strategies. Samyr has an MSc from ETH Zurich and a PhD from HEC Lausanne

Désirée Müller


Before co-founding SwissRex AG, Désirée gained extensive knowledge as a fund manager for a large long/short European equity fund at Zurich-based GAM. Prior to this she was at Credit Suisse Asset Management on a Swiss Equity Fund and earlier as a relationship manager for wealthy individuals in the Private Banking division. Désirée holds a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of St.Gallen

Niklas Nikolajsen

Co-CEO, Founder & Chairman,
Bitcoin Suisse

Niklas Nikolajsen founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in mid-2013. Today he serves as Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Niklas has a background of more than 15 years as a professional software architect & software developer, primarily in the financial , manufacturing and public sectors. In 2010 after discovering Bitcoin, he became one of the early adaptors, investors and proponents of crypto assets. In 2011 he moved from Denmark to Switzerland and worked for a major Swiss financial institution, as a consultant – until he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013, together with partners. He served as CEO of the company until the end of 2017.

Richard Olsen

Founder & CEO,

Richard is a pioneer in high frequency finance with extensive entrepreneurial experience and well known for his academic work. He was a co-founder of OANDA, a currency information company and market maker in foreign exchange. Under Richard’s stewardship as CEO of OANDA the company was a shooting star that launched the first fully automated FX trading platform offering second-by-second interest rate payments and netted 37 Mio of profits in 2007. Already at OANDA, he conceived the first trading platform with second-by-second interest payments. He is visiting professor at the Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents at the University of Essex. His ambition is to transform financial markets into a seamless system without the inefficiencies that we today take for granted.

Efi Pylarinou

Independent Advisor,
Efi Pylarinou Advisory

Efi Pylarinou is an independent Fintech/Blockchain advisor. She holds a Ph.D. in Finance and is a seasoned Wall Street professional who has grown into a global Fintech influencer. She is included in the Women in Fintech powerlist by Innovate Finance (2016 & 2017); in Women in Fintech DACH social ranking, the Global Fintech 80, and The Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech Influencers. She is the cofounder and author of Daily Fintech, with 25,000+ subscribers from 172 countries. She has 178,000 followers on Linkedin and 4,700+ on Twitter. Her domain focus is Digital Wealth Management & Capital Markets. She is the author of Wiley Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi and a contributing author of the 2018 WealthTech book by Wiley. She speaks frequently on Blockchain and Capital markets trends. She is the author of the upcoming book “Underestimated: The gifts of Blockchain Technology”. More on www.efipylarinou.com

Amit Pradhan

Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

Amit is a seasoned startup founder, investor and speaker, who spends his time creating, evangelizing and investing in the future of responsible AI and decentralization. A 19-year veteran of Silicon Valley, he has built deep technology startups with multi-million-dollar revenue streams and focuses on technology, startups and systems that have a positive impact on the humans they serve. Amit travels around the world speaking at events, to evangelize the need and the path to future society that is driven by responsible AI, around Privacy, decentralization of power/control, recognition of bias and the economic agency in a world that is losing jobs to AI-driven automation at a rate and scale that is faster than ever before. Amit is the co-founder & President of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, a network of some of the largest Investors, Thinkers, Practitioners and Creators, with Chapters around the globe – with a core mission to ‘Fund the Revolution’ and bring with it a thoughtful and responsible approach to the impact, value and culture in the Decentralized Ecosystem. As the Executive Chairman at Zero Labs, he and his team are creating a full private ‘brain’ that lives on user devices to listen, learn, reason, adapt and do tasks for its users without sending private data to the cloud and to give users control and economic agency over this rich data. As a General Partner at JetVentures, a cross-stage fund, Amit invests in startups that use the power of exponential technology, to become a positive part of the daily life of humans around the world. Amit serves on multiple Boards, including the Norwegian Refugee Council USA, Advisory Boards and acts as a mentor to startup founders around the world. In his spare time, he’s often found playing, talking or writing about his love for football or on his bicycle riding the beautiful trails around San Francisco.

Emilie Raffo

Geneva Ambassador,

Emilie Raffo is a independent crypto-finance professional with extensive experience in product and project management. She contributes to the strategic direction of stablecoins through her work as a representative of the Stablecoin.Foundation in Geneva, and co-writing a book on the future of money with monetary policy expert Dr. Michel Girardin.

Mattia Rattaggi

Boardmember, Crypto Valley Association

Member of the BoD of the Crypto Valley Association, Head Regulatory Affairs at SEBA Crypto AG, Owner at Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi Advisory & Consultancy, Advisory board member in selected crypto companies and promoter of initiatives designed to strengthen the crypto market. Thought leader in the crypto, financial regulatory and risk spaces. Mattia combines an advanced exposure to blockchain technology and applications, crypto finance and crypto regulation, with 25-year experience in the international financial industry. He holds a Ph.D in economics from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and was researcher on behalf of the Swiss National Foundation for scientific research at the University of Cambridge (U.K.).

Katie Richards

Co-Head Digital Assets,
Falcon Private Bank

Katie Richards is Co-Head Digital Assets and Head Process Management at Falcon Private Bank. She has 27 years of experience in financial services, corporate and digital environments. Her record of accomplishment includes senior positions in a number of worlds’ leading institutions, including Salomon Brothers, IBM, Credit Suisse and UBS and dynamic digital strategy companies like FairWinds Partners. At Falcon, she is charged with responsibilities related to banking operations for digital assets and services, as well as process management and governance. Katie holds degrees from McGill University, BComm, Cass Business School, MSc. and University of Cambridge, MPhil. She also holds a number of professional certificates including Financial Risk Manager (FRM from GARP), Professional Consultant (IBM), Introduction to Digital Currencies (UNIC) and Digital Strategies for Business (Emeritus Institute of Management & Columbia Business School).

Stephan Rind

Founder & CEO,

Stephan Rind is Founder and CEO of BRICKMARK AG headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. BRICKMARK is a real estate investment company tokenizing large scale institutional quality property assets in central locations in Europe and North America. Stephan is leading a team of senior industry professionals in Switzerland and Berlin with more than a century of combined experience having managed and operated more than EUR 10 billions in real estate investments. In 2002 Stephan Rind started Colonia Real Estate AG which became the 3rd largest listed residential real estate company in Germany in 2007 with a market cap of close to 1 billion Euro. He sold his stake in a public take-over in 2011 and left Colonia after 9 years serving as CEO of the company. Starting his career in 1991 at Prudential Securities as an investment banker on Wall Street he is a capital markets and real estate expert.

Mathias Ruch

Founder, CEO,

CEO at Crypto Valley’s leading early-stage investment company CVVC, Co-Initiator of the CVCompetition and Initiator of CVLabs. As an entrepreneur and angel investor Mathias Ruch has been involved in the digital startup scene for 20 years. Before turning his focus to blockchain, he built and exited several successful online and media companies such as FaroTV and Europe’s crowdsourcing pioneer Atizo. Today, he is a driving force behind the development of the global blockchain startup ecosystem. He is leading the Blockchain Taskforce, assembled by the Swiss Federal Council.

Mark Ruppli

Senior Consultant,

Mark is a Senior Consultant at inacta AG focusing on business development in the Real Estate area. He shapes and runs digital transformation initiatives for real estate companies. In addition he is a member of the board at ImmoCompass AG, a real estate market and location intelligence provider, aiming at increasing transparency in real estate markets. Prior to this Mark spent 20 years in the financial services industry building and running business analysis functions, as well as designing and delivering business applications in the banking and insurance sector. He holds a Masters degree in business administration and IT.

Eduardo Salazar


He was a Visiting Researcher of the Calculus Institute at the School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Throughout his PhD at the University of Cambridge he became Research Associate of the Department of Applied Economics and later moved to Britain's oldest independent research think-tank, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR). Back in Argentina, Eduardo joined the iconic Instituto Torcuato Di Tella as Senior Research Fellow. He also worked as Senior Consultant to the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank Eduardo thus joined a specialised marketing foresight consultancy of the WPP Group as Managing Partner and R&D lead. He subsequently moved to another top-5 media holding company as its first Global Head of Analytics. More recently, Eduardo was invited to the Advisory Board of MarketShare (now Neustar MarketShare) and was Senior Consultant in data investment management and marketing analytics to HCL Technologies in EMEA. Since 2016 he is on the Jury of the I-COM Data Creativity Awards, joining in 2017 the I-COM Blockchain and Advanced Research Subcommittee.

Arnaud Salomon

Mt. Pelerin

Arnaud grew up in many countries around the world, before moving to Switzerland to study at the EPFL. He holds a Master in Engineering from there and did his thesis at UBS Investment Bank in Zurich, after which he worked as a commodity and FX trader in Geneva. Arnaud is an early Bitcoin adopter and founded Smart Execution SA in 2015 as a blockchain expert tech venture and evangelist.

Dianne Schepers

EVP & Chief Strategic Partnerships,

Dianne is a seasoned legal/commercial senior executive currently serving IOHK/Cardano (co-founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson) as Executive Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to joining IOHK Dianne was a senior member of the MME Legal, Switzerland blockchain team where she advised (pre/post) ICO-teams and other blockchain-related projects. Dianne is strongly engaged in the blockchain & crypto ecosystem in and beyond the Swiss Crypto Valley. Amongst others she is the Initiator and Lead of the Blockchain4Good Initiative & co-Lead of the Diversity Task Force in the Crypto Valley. In addition, Dianne serves on the Board of Livingstone Greentec, a Swiss company delivering global systemic change through a blockchain-enabled turn-key smart horticulture food production and trading solution.

Armin Schmid

Swiss Crypto Tokens

Armin Schmid joined Bitcoin Suisse in April 2018 as Head Strategic Projects. In July 2018, he became CEO of the newly founded daughter company Swiss Crypto Tokens AG. Armin has a broad range of experience, leading positions in multi-national companies working mainly in the areas of business / corporate development and product management in the online & payment industry. Prior to working for Bitcoin Suisse, Armin worked for SIX Payment Services in multiple roles as Program Manager for PSD2, TWINT and Paymit; prior to SIX, Armin was GM for PayPal in Switzerland & Austria and led “Strategy & Expansion” for eBay Europe. Armin holds a Master-Degree in Materials-Engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur) from ETH Zurich and an MBA from University of St. Gallen.

H.E. Khurram Schroff

IBC Group Limited

H.E. Khurram Shroff, is the Chairman of IBC Group Limited, and on the Board of Imperial Group of Companies. Combined both Groups have over 1,500 employees operating across 6 countries. Shroff’s also manages the Shroff Multi Family Office, a 100-plus-year entrepreneurial legacy, active in the F&B, Hospitality and Real Estate sector. Shroff is an early adopter of blockchain and substantial owner of cryptocurrencies, which led to the inception of IBC Group in 2014. The privately held ‘angel’ firm, aims to create a decentralized and trustworthy blockchain platform globally. Shroff is also an active buyer in today’s art market and holds an extensive collection of over 3,000 pieces. He is also the founding member of the Aga Khan Museum by Fumihiko Maki in Canada.

Claudio Schneider

i.AM Innovation Lab

Claudio is the CEO of the i.AM Innovation Lab which is an open innovation platform for the Asset and Investment Management industry. The i.AM Innovation Lab provides a physical and digital platform to generate, foster and test ideas in cooperation with Start-ups, Tech and Investment firms in a speedy and easy accessible manner applying start-up development methodology, Beforehand Claudio spent three years as an entrepreneur and founder in the Fintech and Proptech sectors with LEND and easyLET. Claudio started his career in investment banking. From 2001 to 2015 he worked for UBS IB and Barclays Capital in London and Zurich. Claudio holds a BSc UAS Zurich (ZHAW School of Management & Law).
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David Schwaninger

Blum&Grob Attorneys

David Schwaninger is a partner at Blum&Grob Attorneys Ltd, a law firm based in Zurich. He heads the real estate legal department and is co-head of the intellectual property and IT-law working group at Blum&Grob. David also holds the title of “Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Law”. In addition to his general activities in real estate and IT law, where he represents national and international clients, he is particularly interested in matters related to both legal fields such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) or blockchain. David also holds regularly speeches and gives lectures related to these topics. He is familiar with questions that startups have to deal with, as he himself was one of the founders of an IT startup that today advises clients all over the world.
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Guy Schwarzenbach

Black River Asset Management

Guy Schwarzenbach began his professional career at UBS and then AIG, developing a core compentency in FX structured products and options trading. He has acted as principal for the Schwarzenbach Family Office since 2003 and is still active in this role. In 2017, he founded Black River Asset Management AG, based in Zug. The breadth of activities he is involved in give him a profound insight into the investment world. BRAM’s portfolio includes major investments in the Crypto Ecosystem. BRAM applies a global macro, modern portfolio approach across industries and regions, deploying capital across asset classes. The core principles are wealth preservation and maintaining purchasing power. They aim to limit risk by investing in a large range of strategies that reduce correlation, preserving capital in real terms whilst achieving adequate diversification. They have a rigorous fundamentals-based research approach to analyse cyclical and structural trends to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

Dr. Johannes Schweifer


Dr. Johannes Schweifer is the Co-Founder and CEO of CoreLedger AG and Co-Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG. He is a Bitcoin and blockchain pioneer with more than 15 years of experience as a project manager and software architect for enterprises in the IT and financial sectors. He holds a Master's in Chemistry and a PhD in Distributed Computing and Quantum Chemistry from the University of Vienna. Nowadays He devotes his time to building a blockchain-based infrastructure which allows existing or new businesses to run on blockchain.

Robby Schwertner


Robby Schwertner is active in the blockchain domain: he serves as an social media influencer and blogger focusing on cryptocurrencies and startups built on blockchain technology. His critical insights are published globally, including at www.wallstreet-online.de and he is a frequent speaker at international blockchain events. Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City related innovation and developent projects. He supports many blockchain startups, runs a blockchain consultancy company in Austria with customers worldwide. And he helps to transform existing business by using blockchain technology, with a special focus on real estate and in particular in planning, BIM, facility management, for new lease and financing models like real estate backed stable coins.
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Jorge Sebastiao

CTO Ecosystem,

A seasoned CTO, with experience in AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, &managed services professional focused on business value. Jorge As delivered advice in several AI, ML, ICO, STO with comprehensive understanding of technology disruption effects caused by both Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain technology. He created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness and Agility. He architects practical & business focused solutions using standards and industry best practices, designed SLAs to meet today’s business resiliency using cloud computing & managed services business requirements. Mr. Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences with topics including: Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data, & Managed Services.

Lars Seier Christensen

Chairman of the Board,

Lars Seier Christensen co-founded Saxo Bank, a pioneer in FX and derivatives trading, in 1992. He served as co-CEO of the bank for more than 20 years before stepping down in 2016 to focus on other investments. During his years at Saxo, the bank grew to 1500 employees, spread across more than 20 locations around the world. SaxoTrader, the bank’s flagship online trading offering was first launched in 1998 as one of the first online FX trading platforms ever. Since then SaxoTrader has grown to become one of the world’s most complete multi-asset platforms. Mr. Christensen experienced first-hand the major regulatory changes transforming derivative trading services to private clients and smaller institutions, and this practical experience is incredibly valuable for understanding the regulatory roadmap ahead for cryptocurrencies and financial blockchain applications.

Daniele Sestagalli

CEO & Co-Founder,
Zulu Republic

Architect and Designer, Founder of Daas Haus, Digital Media & Architecture firm, currently CEO & Co-Founder of Zulu Republic GmbH, CEO of Litevault.net the biggest Litecoin Web Wallet, Co-Founder of Lite.im the first SMS trust-less wallet. Fin-tech & Reg-tech Investor, building Self Sovereign Identity and large-scale adoption technologies.

Tadej Slapnik

Chair of Advisory Board,
European Blockchain Hub

After he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, he was working in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia as a secretary of deputy group from 2000 - 2004. From 2002 - 2006 he was also a board member of the Financial Fund for Decommissioning of the Nuclear Power Plant Krško as a representative of the Slovenian parliament. From 2004 - 2009 he was director of the Youth Centre of Dravinja Valley - one of the biggest youth NGOs in Slovenia, especially in the field of youth mobility projects with EU and Mediterranean countries. In 2009 he became a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and was a member of the following parliamentary committees: for defence, social affairs, agriculture, supervision of secret services and European affairs. He was MP until December 2011. As parliamentarian he proposed a law on social entrepreneurship which was accepted in April 2011. In January 2012 he became a director of INEA institute for South East Europe. He was the initiator of establishing the Slovenian national Social enterprise forum in December 2011, and in January 2012 he was elected to become its secretary general. He was a member of city council of the town Slovenske Konjice since 1998 until 2013 and active on the humanitarian field as founding member of Lions club Konjice. From February 2013 - October 2014 he was working as a political advisor in the European Parliament. Since October 2014 he is a State Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia responsible for social and green economy. Since april 2015 he is a member of European Commission Expert group on social entrepreneurship (GECES) as representative of Republic of Slovenia. Since July 2016 he is a head of Government of Republic of Slovenia Working Group Partnership for green economy and since September 2016 he is a member of Circular Change Advisory Board, a stakeholder engagement platform focusing on the Circular Economy.

Heinz Tännler

Councillor, Canton of Zug
President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation

Didi Taihuttu

Bitcoin and Blockchain Evangelist, The Bitcoin Family

Didi is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of the it branch. He has been involved in blockchain and crypto since 2013 where it all started with mining bitcoin. In 2017 he and his family went all-in bitcoin by selling all belongings inclusive their house. They have been living a minimalist decentral crypto life solely with cryptocurrency for almost 3 years and they travel the world as The Bitcoin Family supporting crypto and blockchain 24/7. They share most of their profits with charities and educate people in blockchain and Bitcoin. He is a true evangelist and part of many documentaries about blockchain and Bitcoin and an inspiration for many people in crypto space.

Estefania Tapias

Co-Founder & CEO,

Dr. Estefania Tapias is co-founder and CEO at WeSpace. She obtained her Ph.D. at ETH Zurich and worked as a researcher and lecturer on the topic of Future Cities. Estefania is an honoree of the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list of 2018, BILANZ Top 100 Digital Shapers 2018, WEF Global Shaper, and Founding President of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Alumni. Estefania has been invited as speaker in different international events such as the World Web Forum, the Sustainable Innovation Forum - COP21, and the European Forum of Young Innovators – EURODOC. Estefania is committed to develop and shape initiatives that support the sustainable future of societies and cities.

Tasha Tolmacheva

PropTech Finland

PropTech Finland Co-Founder, Tasha is a marketing professional and Ph.D. in Economics. She has been actively involved in a startup scene in Helsinki for an number of years, working with startups and acceleration programs. At PropTech Finland Tasha leads Community Services and events.

Adrien Treccani


15 years’ experience in systems development, including five in blockchain and three in banking and hedge funds. His PhD included high-frequency jump analysis of the bitcoin market and he is a lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique de Federale de Lausanne

Wouter Truffino

Global PropTech

Wouter is known as a one of worlds’ thought leaders in PropTech. He is a serial entrepreneur as founder of Global PropTech and Holland ConTech & PropTech. Global PropTech brings together innovative corporate real estate and the very best PropTech companies on a global scale to facilitate joining forces and cooperation in creating a better built environment by embracing technology. Holland ConTech & PropTech is a very successful ecosystem with around 200 corporate and startup members. Wouter is a well-known speaker about unleashing the innovative power, mindset and culture. He also talks about the biggest trends for construction and real estate.

Rey Fernando Verboonen

Curio Invest

Fernando Verboonen is co-founder of Curio, a prominent FinTech where users can invest in tokenized digital assets backed by collectable supercars. Prior, Fernando participated in two start-up exits - among them an ETH Spin-off. He possesses cross-disciplinary experiences in the areas of venture capital, software startups and blockchain across Germany and Switzerland. He holds an MSc from ETH and has a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering.

Karen Wendt

SwissFinTechLadies Association

Karen Wendt is President of the SwissFinTechLadies, serial entrepreneur and editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science Publishing. She merges 20 years investment banking with social and green economy finance, leadership 4.0, design thinking and ideation. She implements Portfolio engineering, assessment and value based decision making, choice architecture and theories of change and advises on Sustainable Development Goals Economics (SDG Economics) in her programme scaling4impact. Karen co-created the First Global Sustainability Standard in investment banking. She won the Financial Times Sustainability Award together with peers for this pioneering and created Responsible Investment Banking.

Stijn Vander Straeten

CEO Crypto Storage,
Crypto Finance AG

Stijn Vander Straeten is the CEO of Crypto Storage AG, part of the Crypto Finance Group. Before joining the firm, Stijn was the CEO of a FinTech Bank. Stijn has more than twelve years of extensive experience in the Wealth & Asset Management sector, where he held different senior positions. Stijn holds a degree in Finance and Business Administration, is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant, and holds a CAS in Financial Market Law.

Philipp Vonmoos

Swiss Crypto Vault

Philipp Vonmoos joined Swiss Crypto Vault AG in December 2017. He joined from Falcon Private Bank (first bank with crypto assets offering), where he managed the bank’s M&A projects in the Fintech area, business development activities in Fintech and crypto space. Before joining Falcon he worked for 7 years for UBS Investment Bank managing M&A and IPO transactions. Philipp holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in banking and finance from the University of St. Gallen.

Olaf Hannemann

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer,

Olaf is a Co-Founder and the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of CV VC AG. Before co-founding CV VC, Olaf spend 20 years at JPMorgan in London, Frankfurt and Zürich in Corporate Finance / Advisory as well as Global Corporate Banking. In 2016, he left Investment Banking to start of number of ventures himself in the financial advisory as well as in the nutrition and health space.

Rob Holub

Speaker, Filmmaker & Musician

Rob Holub is a television and film producer, a public speaker and a singer/songwriter under the name of SOKOL. With more than 15 years of international experience, Rob has made a name for himself in television production working for SRF, Pro7, Sat.1 in Switzerland and various projects in New York City. Rob is currently producing his first documentary film „Searching for Contact“ (2019 release). In the film he examines how to keep human connections alive, while navigating the digital transformation in a world which is increasingly controlled by technologies. His studies and travels around the world, to more than 40 countries, have deeply influenced his work and his goals to help people connect with each other on a personal human level.

Daniel Ramamoorthy

Speaker & MC,

DanRam has spoken and MCed at over 150 events on 4 continents in the last 24 months. He has shared the stage with entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and the founders of Airbnb, Adidas, Electronic Arts, etc actors like Joseph Levitt Gordon, social media stars like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat and Jake Paul, billionaire investors, CEOs of the world's leading brands and many more on some of the biggest stages in the world including SXSW, DLD, Web Summit, How To Web, Techsylvania, MUST, Bits & Pretzels.

CV Summit Role: Moderator

Jags Rao

Director DLT,
Swiss Re

Jags Rao is Director at Swiss Re and co-leads the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) practice. Jags is a recognized thought leader in the insurance industry on blockchain and regularly speaks at conferences. He introduced blockchain to Swiss Re in 2015, spearheaded insurance industry's first prototype on blockchain and since then driving Swiss Re's strategic agenda for a successful business change using DLT. Jags coauthored a technical paper on privacy preserving transparency on blockchain networks. His passion is on the deeper and more disruptive aspects of DLT relevant to risk management in the new frontiers of digital economy. Jags cofounded CrowdPassion platform to drive grass root innovation within Swiss Re in a fast, flexible and agile manner. He has over 23 years of experience in solution consulting, innovation management, service delivery and sales leadership with a blend of technology, business and entrepreneurial background.

Daniel Rutishauser

Head Financial Services & Blockchain,

Daniel's focus as a DLT/Blockchain enthusiast is not on cryptocurrencies, but on advising start-ups on the execution of ICOs and the development of solutions as well as supporting enterprises in their blockchain activities. In his role as Head of Blockchain at inacta, he shapes the Crypto Valley ecosystem from within. He is convinced that the DLT concept with its underlying technology stack (also known as the "Internet of Value") will fundamentally change many markets and society - even more than the World Wide Web.

Nicolas Voëlin

Real Estate Consultant,
pom+Consulting AG

Nicolas Voëlin is a real estate consultant at pom+Consulting AG, a management consulting company focusing on digital innovation, strategy and technology deployment in the real estate sector. He studied business and economics at University of Basel and holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Investment from Cass Business School in London. Prior to his current position at pom, Nicolas worked at Credit Suisse Global Real Estate and accompanied international clients and transactions. He is passionate about implementing disruptive technologies within the industry and aspires to bridge the gap between today’s processes and future solutions.
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Wonder Xu

Global Business Development Director of Coineal & Founder of Coineal Labs

Former Vice President and PR Director at an international crypto fund. Led investment in Logos Network. Investment portfolio includes Coineal, SciDex (also invested by Y Combinator) and Lambda (also invested by BITMAIN and ZhenFund). Provided blockchain consulting service for several TMT companies which have a combined evaluation of more than 2 billion USD. Received undergraduate education at WASEDA University, Japan. Besides steeping in the traditional financial industries, he also works as a part time model and influencer with more than 100,000 followers. Founded a PR and marketing company served top Chinese companies such as TikTok of ByteDance.

Jimmy Zhao


Currently running ZBX.com - aim to create one of the fully regulated exchanges based in Malta and also a Serial entrepreneur who has started several blockchain companies covering the whole TGE lifecycle including corporate finance - Cryptonord.com , PR & Marketing Agency - ChainX , and Exchange software service provider zillionbits.com.