Luis Cuende


Luis has been awarded as the best underage European programmer in 2011, is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a MIT TR35 and was an Advisor to the VP of the European Commission.
He cofounded the blockchain startup Stampery. Prior to founding startups, he created the world's first Linux distribution with facelogin. Advisor to a few crypto projects that awake his curiosity.

Charles Hoskinson

Chief Executive Officer,

Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder to study analytic number theory before moving into cryptography through industry exposure.His professional experience includes founding three cryptocurrency-related start-ups – Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK – and he has held a variety of posts in both the public and private sectors. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013. His current projects focus on education people about cryptocurrency, being an evangelist for decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream. This includes leading the research, design and development of Cardano, a third-generation cryptocurrency that launched in September 2017.

Niklas Nikolajsen

Co-CEO & Chairman,
Bitcoin Suisse

Niklas Nikolajsen founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in mid-2013. Today he serves as Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Operationally besides his role as chairman, he is responsible for business development, key accounts, investor relations and company representation. Niklas has a background of more than 15 years as a professional software architect & software developer, primarily in the financial , manufacturing and public sectors. In 2010 after discovering Bitcoin, he became one of the early adaptors, investors and proponents of crypto assets. In 2011 he moved from Denmark to Switzerland and worked for a major Swiss financial institution, as a consultant – until he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013, together with partners. He served as CEO of the company until the end of 2017. Niklas Nikolajsen holds a degree in computer science from the Copenhagen Business School. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the Swiss crypto-financial sector, having founded the first Swiss company in this space.

Marc P. Bernegger

Member of the Board,
Crypto Finance

Marc P. Bernegger is a Fintech and Crypto Entrepreneur / Investor. He co-founded the party-portal at the age of 20 and sold it later to Axel Springer Media. He is co-founder of amiando, a ticketing-plattform, which was bought by Xing and has been awarded by WEF as a “Global Technology Pioneer”.
Since 2010, Marc is active as an investor focusing on fintech. He is in the advisory board of FinLeap, co-founder of Crypto Finance Conference and he is board member of Falcon Private Bank, Crypto Finance Group and Greater Zurich Area. Marc was awarded as '100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland' by BILANZ.
He bought his first bitcoins in 2012 and since then he is fascinated by the opportunities this new asset class has to offer.

Lucas Betschart

Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Lucas is president of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, one of the worlds largest Bitcoin communities. He is involved in Bitcoin since early 2013. Furthermore he is director of the Feathercoin Development Foundation, which is taking care of open source software development for the cryptocurrency.

Isabella Brom

Lead Innovations &
New Business DLT,

Solution architect and manager with international background. Isabella is a member of Lakeside Partners (Early Stage Investments) and Lead Innovations & New Business DLT at inacta AG. She combines experience in IT Architecture and business consulting in financial services, applied blockchain and DLT in insurance and treasury, blockchain token models, and database technologies. As a board member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland Isabella is promoting the understanding of digital currencies and assets.

In her role at Ernst & Young (EY) she worked with fortune 500 companies on digital transformation projects and was fundamental to the rise and growth of EY Switzerland’s Blockchain & Crypto Technologies Advisory. Leading this practice she delivered first DLT pilot projects in the insurance, crypto custody and treasury space. Isabella now involves herself in the functional architecture design of disruptive business models around decentralisation, and invests into the growth of a global crypto & blockchain ecosystem.

Sam Chadwick

Director of Innovation,
Thomson Reuters

Sam is responsible for several fintech innovation initiatives within the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters. He has worked for the company in product strategy and product management roles for 12 years in New York and Hong Kong. Sam has a Masters in Financial Strategy from the University of Oxford and currently lives in Zug, Switzerland, where he is focused on alternative finance, crypto-currencies, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Sam is a former board member of the Crypto Valley Association.

Daniel Diemers

PwC Strategy&

Partner, Financial Services, at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton), serving clients in the financial services industry in development of successful growth strategies. His industry expertise covers retail and wholesale banking, private banking/ wealth management, consumer finance and insurance. Preferred themes are growth strategies, market entry/ regional expansion, digital innovation/ FinTech, operating model optimization, and risk & regulatory management.
Prior to that, worked in other consultancy firms, advising major players in the financial services industry (banks, regulators, insurance companies) on questions of strategy, organization, and risk management.
Daniel has worked with blue chip clients across Europe and the Middle East and is based in Zurich Switzerland.
During his academic years, he has worked on collaborative, technology-enabled business models for knowledge management and early warning systems, and, more generally, on the social impact of new media, publishing his own books and articles, while speaking at conferences in Switzerland, Germany, Eastern Europe and the United States.

Dr Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

Leader PwC Legal Switzerland

A Partner at PwC Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland he and his team are building the law firm of the future. Every day. He also is one of seven members of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team directing the firm’s 4000+ lawyers in 95 countries. Prior to this he was a Partner of one of the first Swiss Venture Capital Funds, served as in-house counsel at an international hedge fund and practised in court and with a leading business law firm. Guenther holds a PhD in law from Johannes Kepler University (Austria), an MBA from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and has completed various Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. He is the author of 10 books mostly on investment law and regulation.

Lorenz Furrer

Managing Partner, furrerhuggi

Lorenz Furrer, managing director and Co-founder of furrerhugi, is an leader in public relations and has co-founded Narwal Blockchain PR. Through his extensive network in the media and governmental field, he is an expert in communications management.
Lorenz is passionate in bringing Switzerland to the forefront of blockchain based companies and as a co-founder of the Blockchain Taskforce he is educating the Swiss regulator and government about the advantages of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

María Gómez

Strategy & Operations,

María Gómez is a former corporate lawyer. She worked several years in the M&A and corporate finance practice. Currently she works in Ecosystem development for Aragon One, one of the teams working for the Aragon project. A project that is building tools for the governance and management of organizations and open source projects.

Rob Holub

Speaker, Filmmaker & Musician

Rob Holub is an accomplished television and film producer, a sought-after public speaker and a singer/songwriter under the name of SOKOL. With more than 15 years of international experience, Rob has made a name for himself in television production, both behind and in front of the camera, including working for SRF, Pro7, Sat.1 in Switzerland and various projects in New York City. Rob is currently producing his first documentary film „Searching for Contact“ to be released in 2019. In the film Rob examines how to keep human connections alive, while navigating the digital transformation in a world which is increasingly controlled by technologies. Rob studied media, journalism and sociology in Fribourg, Switzerland and in California, USA, and graduated bilingual with a Master of Arts degree. His studies and travels around the world, to more than 40 countries, have deeply influenced his work and his goals to help people connect with each other on a personal human level.

Ryan Jesperson

Tezos Foundation

Ryan Jesperson is a dedicated member of the Tezos community. Most recently he was the Chief Operating Officer at Divvy, a FinTech company. Prior to his work at Divvy, he helped launch the global Self-Reliance Services initiative of the LDS Church to alleviate poverty. Previous to that he was an executive, turnaround specialist and tech entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He received a BS degree, cum laude, from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Niko Kipourus

Founder & CEO,

Niko Kipouros has been a professional art broker and passionate collector for over 20 years. He founded 4ARTechnologies in 2017 in order to provide more transparency, safety and process efficiency across the entire art market. 4ARTechnologies offers a transaction and catalogisation platform which combines the enormous potential of the blockchain with patented and unique augmented authentication technology.
As CEO, Niko is responsible for the strategic development of the company as well as the growth of the platform. With a successful track record as an entrepreneur and investor and a portfolio of over 50 companies, the former investment banker combines an excellent feel for business with the deep understanding of the art world.

Pavel Kravchenko

Distributed Lab

Top Blockchain Speaker, co-founder Distributed Lab, сo-author of “Blockchain and Decentralized Systems” learning guide for the students, cryptographer and PhD in Information Security.

Monty C. M. Metzger


Monty found his first Internet company back in 1998, since then he co-founded several tech companies, co-founded a future research and technology consultancy with offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Munich and New York, then sold his company, became a business angel and investor, founded a registered Venture Capital Fund in Luxembourg as General Partner and invested in outstanding technology companies globally.

Bernhard Müller

Business Development Manager,
Bitmain Switzerland /

Bernhard is the Business Development Manger for Bitmain Switzerland AG. He holds an M.Sc. in Biology and has ten years of work experience as a developer and project leader in the research and medical diagnostics field. He serves on the board of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and is a co-founder and vice-president of the Bitcoin Cash Association. Bitcoin caught his interest in 2011 and he tries to stay up to date on the topic ever since. He enjoys discussing the social, economic, technical and legal implications of it. Bernhard is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and likes to share with others, what he learns. He has given several introductory presentations and consultations on the topic including set-up of a Bitcoin exhibition for the Zürich MoneyMuseum.

Philippe A. Naegeli

Co-Founder & CEO,

Philippe A. Naegeli is a talented business builder, with a strong track record in investment banking, general management, and leadership. Philippe founded and managed an international circle of financial institutions and institutional investment funds. He has extraordinary experience in trading and creating tailor-made risk-averse investment strategies and products. He was the founder and owner of PAN Asset Management, which he sold in 2012. Philippe is a managing partner and vice president of the board at Forstmann & Company Merchant Bank, US and is an active investor in multiple companies. Patrick Loepfe and Philippe partnered to build GENTWO.

Hester Pierce

Exchange Comission,

Hester Maria Peirce is an American lawyer specializing in financial market regulation. Peirce currently serves as a Commissioner on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). She previously served as the director of the Financial Markets Working Group at George Mason University's Mercatus Center. Peirce was confirmed by the United States Senate in December 2017 to fill a Republican vacancy on the SEC. She was sworn in on January 11, 2018, and her term expires in 2020. Peirce is a former staff member of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and of the SEC. In 2016, she was nominated by President Barack Obama for Commissioner on the SEC, but the United States Senate did not act on her nomination.

Franklyn Richards


Franklyn Richards is the Operator of and long standing member of the Litecoin team getting involved with the project back in 2013. In 2016 he became a founding director of the Litecoin Foundation after an invitation from Charlie Lee. The Foundation is a singapore based Non Profit set up to help promote adoption and fund development of the Litecoin protocol.
In 2018 Franklyn joined Swiss based blockchain company Zulu Republic as COO helping direct development of their Litecoin suite of products. These include LiteVault a trustless web wallet for Litecoin and LiteIM a messenger based wallet that allows people to transact in Litecoin over SMS without any need for connection to the Internet.

Mathias Ruch


CEO at Crypto Valley’s leading early-stage investment company CVVC, Co-Initiator of the CVCompetition and Initiator of CVLabs. As an entrepreneur and angel investor Mathias Ruch has been involved in the digital startup scene for 20 years. Before turning his focus to blockchain, he built and exited several successful online and media companies such as FaroTV and Europe’s crowdsourcing pioneer Atizo. Today, he is a driving force behind the development of the global blockchain startup ecosystem. He is leading the Blockchain Taskforce, assembled by the Swiss Federal Council.

Daniel Rutishauser

Head of Financial Services and Head of Blockchain,
inacta AG,

Daniels aim as an DLT/blockchain enthusiast is not crypto currencies, but beyond that advising startups going through an ICO and building their solution, as well supporting corporates in their blockchain endeavors. He is Shaping Crypto Valley's ecosystem from within as he is works as head of blockchain with inacta. He is convinced that the DLT concept with the underlying technology stack (aka "Internet of Value") will bring fundamental change for many markets and for the society - more than the Worldwide Web has done.

Ivo Sauter

Member Management,
Six Digital Exchange

Ivo Sauter joined SIX Digital Exchange in July 2018 and is presently a member of the management team. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Prior to SIX Digital Exchange, Ivo worked in Falcon Private Bank, Bank Julius Baer, Citibank and Credit Suisse. In his previous role as Head Trading & Operations at Falcon Private Bank he was also responsible for the conceptualization and launch of their crypto-asset offering. Ivo has a keen interest in Fintech, in particular the applications of Blockchain and its regulatory implications.

Dianne Schepers

Executive Vice President,

Dianne is a seasoned legal/commercial senior executive currently serving IOHK/Cardano (co-founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson) as Executive Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to joining IOHK Dianne was a senior member of the MME Legal, Switzerland blockchain team where she advised (pre/post) ICO-teams and other blockchain-related projects. Dianne is strongly engaged in the blockchain & crypto ecosystem in and beyond the Swiss Crypto Valley. Amongst others she is the Initiator and Lead of the Blockchain4Good Initiative & co-Lead of the Diversity Task Force in the Crypto Valley. In addition, Dianne serves on the Board of Livingstone Greentec, a Swiss company delivering global systemic change through a blockchain-enabled turn-key smart horticulture food production and trading solution.

Daniele Sestagalli

CEO & Co-Founder,
Zulu Republic

Architect and Designer, Founder of Daas Haus, Digital Media & Architecture firm, currently CEO & Co-Founder of Zulu Republic GmbH, CEO of the biggest Litecoin Web Wallet, Co-Founder of the first SMS trust-less wallet. Fin-tech & Reg-tech Investor, building Self Sovereign Identity and large-scale adoption technologies.

Philipp Stauffer

Co-Founder & General Partner,
FYRFLY Venture Partners

Philipp is an entrepreneur, investor, futurist and Co-Founder and Managing Partner at FYRFLY Venture Partners, an early stage venture firm based in San Francisco with focused investments in data and intelligence. Philipp brings a proven track record of building and accelerating businesses in cloud computing, AI / machine learning, analytics, and other convergent technologies. An early crypto advocate with expertise in decentralization trends, Philipp is also involved in driving distributed ledger technology initiatives in pockets of innovation that include his home country Switzerland.

Hubertus Thonhauser

Board at Tezos
Founding Partner at Enabling Future

Hubertus is a venture capital investor with a portfolio of 20 companies based in the US, GCC and Europe. He is founding partner of Enabling Future, a Dubai based VC boutique.
Hubertus is also an early backer of Tezos, Rootstock and other projects in the DLT-space. Since February 2018, Hubertus is serving on the board of the Tezos Foundation.
In 2011 Hubertus co-founded what became the leading mobile games company in the MENA region, acquired by Stillfront Group, a NASDAQ-listed gaming company in 2016. Prior to entering the tech- and VC space Hubertus was CEO Switzerland of Casinos Austria, at that time the largest operator in the back then nascent regulated casino market in Switzerland.

Edward Turner

Head Open Innovation,
SIX Group

Edward Turner has a background in Finance and Business Development. His focus lies on developing new business models and bringing these to market successfully. Currently he heads up Open Innovation for the Innovation and Digital Unit of the SIX Group and focusing on bringing innovation to the Swiss Financial Center by collaborating with external stakeholders. Edward holds a BA in Economics from the University of Zürich, an MBA from the Judge Business School of Cambridge University and is a CFA Charterholder. He has worked for Credit Suisse, Trina Solar, Google and Lykke.

Keld van Schreven


Keld is co-founder of KR1, UK’s leading crypto investment public company. First investors in Melonport, Funfair, Rocketpool, Etherisc to name a few. Keld is advisor to IXLedger and previously co-founder of several web startups including Smartsince 1995.

Dr. Arthur Vayloyan

CEO & Member of the Board,
Bitcoin Suisse

Arthur Vayloyan is the CEO of Bitcoin Suisse. He joined the company in November 2017 after a career of more than 25 years in banking, most of it at Credit Suisse. Arthur held various senior management positions, including Global Head of Investment Services and Products, Head Private Banking Switzerland and Global Head External Asset Management. He established Credit Suisse as a pioneer for investment opportunities in microfinance and he spearheaded the creation of the award winning Credit Suisse advisory process. Most recently Arthur was Global Head Products & Services and Member of the Executive Board of Falcon Private Bank, and in this role he and his team launched the first private banking offering for direct investments in cryptocurrencies. Arthur earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Berne and an MBA from INSEAD.

Cédric Waldburger

Head of Ecosystem Growth,
Dfinity Foundation

Cédric Waldburger holds a master in computer science from ETH Zürich and HKUST Alumni. Cédric is a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, investor and crypto/blockchain enthusiast since 2012. His involvement spans from fintech and eCommerce, to social networks and SaaS.
He co-founded DFINITY – a blockchain startup backed by Andreesen Horowitz – and eight other high-tech companies in Europe and the US.
Cédric previously co-founded and worked for various businesses around the globe (Zurich, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, London and Berlin) where he held roles on the technology and management side. His experience on both sides of the table (as a founder and investor) helps him bring a unique perspective and solutions to problems in a wide range of environments.

Lili Zhao

Director of Ecosystem Growth
NEO Global Development

Lili Zhao is the Director of Ecosystem Growth at NEO Global Development based out of the Zurich. Prior to joining NEO, Lili worked for Swiss private banks and following that advised a number of blokcchain projects internationally. She possesses cross- disciplinary experiences in the areas of wealth management, media, education and blockchain across china, UK and Switzerland. She holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen and has a Bachelor of Economics from University of London.