Marc Degen


Marc brings his top entrepreneurship credentials and experience in the distributed ledger and digital space. He is co-founder and member of the board of proofX and chairman of Modum and Trustsquare, a blockchain co-working hub. In addition, he acts in various companies focussing on digital innovative solutions as co-founder, investor and board member.

Christian di Giorgio

Head DLT Solution,
inacta AG

Christian is a crypto-enthusiast with extensive experience in dealing with complex IT challenges. After various career stages, among others at IBM and Swisscom, he joined inacta as Head of DLT Solutions. He is in charge of the Tokengate platform and also advises companies and start-ups on how to create value with Blockchain. Christian is co-author of the book "Live from Crypto Valley"

Tobias Peltenburg Brechneff

Chief Operations Officer, AG

With his experience in growing companies successfully and internationally, Tobias has a deep understanding of crucial business operations and building ecosystems in complex environments. After various roles in startups, non profits and corporates he joined Modum as COO and is a board member of proofX. He holds a Bachelor's degree in business administration and an executive education from INSEAD.

Jacqueline Klaiss Brons

Senior Managing Consultant,

Based upon my experience in different cultural environments, industries and functions, as well as my educational background, I have expanded my horizons and have gained a wide range of perspectives. My motivation has been sparked by my focus on the "whole", my desire to pursue new challenges, and my passion for developing sustainable solutions along the entire supply chain. The categories for which I have achieved significant cost savings and process improvements include chemical raw materials, industrial goods, IT and a variety of consulting services. I value and foster an environment in which open communication and different viewpoints are welcome. My motto is, "Never regret something you've done, which you always wanted to try. Only regret that which you've always wanted to try, but have never done."

Marc Evrard

Logistic Validation Manager,

Logistics Validation Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharma industry. Skilled in commercial air, road and sea freight, Business Process Improvement, Import/Export Operations, Clinical Trials, and GDP. Strong operations and quality assurance professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in International business from Ecole Pratique Hautes Etudes Commerciales (EPHEC).

Martina Müller


Engaged board member from an entrepreneurial Swiss family. Partner and CEO of 3D AG, a company specialized in optical and functional nanostructures, developing high security features for banknotes and brand protection, as well as creating new products with optical elements such as displays, smart glasses and bio-mimicking features. Educational background in chemistry, art and business allows interdisciplinary creativity and augmentation. Inspired by research, skilled in logical assessment and strategy. Developing Blockchain based security solutions.

Kilian Schärli


Kilian works with domestic and international clients in the technology, industrial and internet sectors. He specializes in the fields of intellectual property, blockchain technology, unfair competition, licensing and distribution. He has particular expertise in commercial and transactional work relating to these fields. Kilian is a Co-Head of MLL's Blockchain Industry Group.

Sacha Uhlmann

Chief Product Officer, AG

Sacha Uhlmann is Chief Product Officer at Modum. In this role, he is responsible for both the hard- and software development of the product. Having earned a Master's degree in computer science and being the co-founder of a software engineering company, he not only offers the necessary digital background knowledge but also has crucial entrepreneurial experience.

Fabian Wahl

Executive Board Member,

More than 20 years experience in international leadership, commercial R&D, operations and technology development.
Strong managerial track record. A steady, diplomatic style; able to act and react quickly, and take hard decisions when required

Development of marketing and technology strategies. Leadership from strategy development through execution to market for new technology platforms and business model innovation.

Specialties: Strategic development, innovation, operations and general management