Ueli Maurer

Former President of the Swiss Confederation and Minister of Finance

Brittany Kaiser


Brittany Kaiser is a data rights activist and the founder of the #OwnYourData campaign. She is a cofounder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), a nonprofit lobbying firm advancing legislative reform to protect the rights of individuals to control their own digital assets, with impactful success supporting the passing of 13 new blockchain-positive laws in the State of Wyoming. She currently works with the states of New York and California on privacy and blockchain legislation. To raise awareness of data rights, she recently cofounded the Own Your Data Foundation, to train others in digital literacy. Brittany is the primary subject of the Netflix Original documentary The Great Hack, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and author of “Targeted”, published by Harper Collins in 15 countries.

Hubertus Thonhauser

Chairman at Tezos
Founding Partner at Enabling Future

Hubertus is a venture capital investor with a portfolio of 20 companies based in the US, GCC, and Europe. He is a founding partner of Enabling Future - a Dubai-based VC boutique. Hubertus is also an early backer of Tezos, Rootstock, and other projects in the DLT-space. Since February 2018, Hubertus is serving on the board of the Tezos Foundation. In 2011, Hubertus co-founded what became the leading mobile games company in the MENA region, acquired by Stillfront Group, a NASDAQ-listed gaming company in 2016. Prior to entering the tech- and VC space, Hubertus was CEO Switzerland of Casinos Austria, at that time the largest operator in the (back then) nascent regulated casino market in Switzerland.

Charles Hoskinson


Mathematician, cryptographer serial entrepreneur, and leading industry commentator, Charles Hoskinson has been involved in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies since the early days of bitcoin. A visionary and pioneer in the development of blockchain technology since the industry’s formative times, Charles Hoskinson remains at the cutting edge of the industry. Founder of three blockchain-focussed startups, Invictus Innovations, Ethereum, and IOHK, he was also the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee, as well as establishing the Bitcoin Research Group. Founder and former CEO of the world’s first ‘second generation’ blockchain platform, Ethereum, Hoskinson is co-founder and current CEO of the world’s leading blockchain engineering company, IOHK - a company focussed on the next generation of blockchain systems, designed to underpin all the world’s future financial and transactional needs, supporting all current and future means of financial exchange, on a global scale. Hoskinson stands almost alone amongst the leading figures in the blockchain industry, through his particular focus on the utility benefits of blockchain technology, rather than the opportunities the technology provides for asset speculation via cryptocurrencies. That focus sees IOHK currently working with governments and organizations in the developing world, where the benefits of the technology can be particularly profound. Currently, IOHK is working in Ethiopia, Uganda, Mongolia, and the Republic of Georgia, in pursuit of those ideals, where the company’s technology is allowing governments and organizations to deliver convenience to citizens by digitizing the provision of government services, providing an accurate recording of transactions, whether for payment of government services or accurate monitoring of production supply chains. Via the Hoskinson Consulting Group, Charles is a consultant to many of the industry’s leading corporations, including Endor and Polymath.

Rune Christensen

Co-Founder & CEO,
Maker Foundation (MakerDAO)

Rune Christensen is Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of MakerDAO. MakerDAO issues Dai, the world’s first stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, that eliminates volatility through a system of smart contracts designed to respond to market dynamics. Since 2015, Christensen has focused on establishing the vision and organizational structure of the Maker Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the economic foundations of the Dai stable digital currency. Previously, he served as co-founder of Try China, a company providing international recruiting. He studied Biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen and studied International Business at the Copenhagen Business School.

Henri Arslanian

Global Crypto Leader,
PwC, Hongkong

Henri Arslanian is the PwC Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader, the Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong where he teaches the first FinTech university course in Asia. Henri leads PwC’s crypto efforts and advises many of the world’s leading crypto firms on a broad range of crypto matters from regulatory and tax to governance and capital raising. He also advises many of the world’s leading financial institutions on their FinTech and crypto initiatives as well numerous governments, regulators, and central banks on FinTech and crypto regulatory and policy matters.

Niklas Nikolajsen

Founder & Chairman,
Bitcoin Suisse

Niklas Nikolajsen founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in mid-2013. Today he serves as Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Niklas has a background of more than 15 years as a professional software architect & software developer, primarily in the financial, manufacturing, and public sectors. In 2010 after discovering Bitcoin, he became one of the early adaptors, investors and proponents of crypto assets. In 2011 he moved from Denmark to Switzerland and worked for a major Swiss financial institution, as a consultant – until he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013, together with partners. He served as CEO of the company until the end of 2017.

Guido Bühler

SEBA Crypto

Guido is a visionary whose expertise is grounded in global corporate finance. He is deeply proficient in banking, risk, asset and wealth management. Guido built and led large global teams at UBS, and had an influence shaping market infrastructure with the ECB and DTCC. Most recently, he founded award winning strategic advisory and risk & research firm B&B Analytics. As SEBA’s CEO, Guido will lead the organization as it grows from concept to implementation. Guido’s extensive experience across the financial markets gives him a unique perspective on how the markets have evolved over the last three decades and where they could be going next. It is this perspective that has convinced him of the importance of developing an organization that can operate as a gateway between the traditional financial markets and their fast-growing crypto equivalents.

Maria Jones

Vice President,
CoinTelegraph Media Group

Maria loves the worlds of Innovations, Startups and Cryptocurrencies. Traveler, Bitcoin Enthusiast, Vice President at Cointelegraph. She has been a pioneer in writing about Bitcoin and has built an extensive following through her writing contributions.

Eva A. Kaili

Member of
European Parliament

Eva Kaili is an MEP and a member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. She is Chair of the STOA Panel, as well as Chair of the Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, of the Conference of Delegation Chairs, She has, been working intensively on promoting innovation as a driving force of the establishment of the European Digital Single Market and has been particularly active in the fields of AI, blockchain technology, big data, fintech and cybersecurity. She has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Piraeus and has served as Member of the Greek parliament from 2007 to 2012."

Mathias Imbach

Founding Partner & CEO

Mathias is a Founding Partner and CEO of Sygnum. Prior to that, he was General Manager at RNT Associates, Mr. Ratan N. Tata's personal investment platform, which he joined as first employee. He led multiple venture capital and private equity investments and participated in Blockchain/ DLT related equity deals globally. Mathias started his career at Bain & Company where he led advisory projects for Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and Technology companies. He holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen and a Master of Science from the London School of Economics (LSE).

David Johnston

Managing Dir.,
Yeoman’s Capital

David Johnston is a serial tech entrepreneur and early contributor to the blockchain ecosystem since 2012. In May of 2013 he co-founded the first angel investment group in crypto, BitAngels, and in August of that year served as a Foundation board member to the first ever token sale - Mastercoin. In December of 2013 he authored “The General Theory of Decentralized Applications,” which defined the "DApp" term for the industry. The following year, David co-founded the first crypto venture fund, the DApps Fund. Today he serves as Chairman of Factom, Board Member of Polymath, Board Member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and Managing Director of Yeoman's Capital - the first family office to invest exclusively in early stage blockchain projects.

Ying Lee

LEA, Former MD, YF Capital

Daniel Gutenberg

Unicorn Hunter,
Venture Incubator

Daniel Gutenberg is General Partner of VI Partners, a Swiss venture capital firm. He joined the company in 2003. Subsequent to selling Gutenberg Communication Systems AG to the Telindus Group in the year 2000, Daniel Gutenberg became a very active business angel and investor in numerous startups. His focus is on Technology and he has been taking board assignments for various public and private Companies as well as for YPO Young Presidents’ Organization, a network of young global business leaders. He also acts as the president of the Swiss Technion Society and as a member of the Circle of Investors of BrainsToVentures. Daniel Gutenberg was awarded as business angel of the year in 2011 (SECA). He is fluent in English, French and German